Got a problem with your WordPress site?

Book a one-hour surgery session with our experts to sort out those niggling issues

Why should I book?

There are plenty of online tutorials for creating your own WordPress site, but sometimes it’s tricky to get things just how you want them. Sign up for a one-to-one session with a WordPress expert and take control of your website.

Your one hour session will start with a quick Skype chat about how you’re using WordPress and what problems you’re having. We’ll then log into your site and fix those problems for you. Afterwards you’ll get a recording of the Skype call and a write up about what we changed.

It’s booked into the diary, so you know your issue will be fixed by the end of the hour. No surprise charges or ever-increasing bills – just a one-off flat fee.

What can we do in an hour?

Update your copy of WordPress
Fix the layout on a couple of pages
Help you choose, install and configure a plugin
Review how you’re using WordPress and see if there are any features you’re not taking advantage of
Give you a quick training session on how to administer your site
Introduce you to Google Analytics and how you can measure the success of your site

What if my issue will take longer?

Send us a message using the contact form below and we’ll let you know. You can always sign up for a couple of hours in a block.

What do other people think?

Dan Storisteanu, SimPrints

“We came to SurgePress with several issues that we had already lost a lot of time trying to solve. SurgePress quickly got to work and fixed each one beyond our expectations. They’ve done a fantastic job and we’ll definitely go straight to them next time.”

Emma Stevens, Beckhoff Automation

“We have used Alasdair’s expertise previously on our microsite. The experience we have had is extremely professional, his response is swift and we have a high level of confidence in his ability. This has been particularly useful for us when there are immediate problems with our microsite that can affect the credibility of our brand.”

Hamish Drewry, AGRIinsight

“We needed support that was flexible enough to dovetail its service to meet our specific requirements no matter how small and at short notice. Alasdair delivered on each occasion.”

Who will you be talking to?

Alasdair North

Alasdair is a web developer based in Cambridge, UK. He’s been helping companies use WordPress for years and has built dozens of themes and plugins along the way. When he’s not working with SurgePress customers he’s CTO of viaLibri and builds WordPress stuff for Runway.

Any questions?

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